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According to the position of the car sunshade block can be divided into front block, side block and rear block three. Direct sunlight into the car, the temperature rises, and will also affect the driver's driving sight, the role of car sunshield is to cover the direct sunlight, so that the car is more comfortable.
The breed that block before sunshade is not too much, there are two kinds of aluminium foil and non-woven cloth commonly. Aluminum foil is generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, size is generally 60*130cm, suitable for most small cars. Aluminum foil heat insulation shading block with suction cup is easy to use. After spreading, it can be sucked in the front windshield glass or the rear window glass with suction cup.
In less hot seasons, the colored pattern can be placed outwards, or if the weather is very hot, the foil can be placed outwards to ensure that sunlight is reflected. When shading before choose and buy is blocked, it is best to choose those who take sucker, material simple sense wants a bit harder. "Light plate" type or too cheap before the sun block itself is not quite quite, very easy to fall down, so do not coax cheap. Generally, it is better to use the brand of front sunshade packaging materials, and the special position of the suction cup, the suction cup is not easy to be broken. In nine cases out of ten, the suction cup of the inferior brand is crushed, and the remedy is to put it in boiling water for a while.
If the front window of the car is wider, the general front shade block can not block, you can choose two pairs of shade block, like those jeep types are covered. Some vehicles front window glass top no shading area, you can paste a windscreen. Not only can beautify the vehicle, but also can play a part of the function of shading.

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